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Meet Ben

Ben is a remarkable young man.  He is clever, kind, thoughtful, masterful, reliable, and loves the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing with his father.  The son of Eric Stewart, Pam Stewart, and the stepson of Christine Vergeres-Stewart, he comes from a family that has served the community for decades.  Ben, in keeping with his family's values of service, chose a path that took him through VMI and to a career that would serve his community as well as his country!  Today I am reaching out to you for your help in facilitating Ben's Road to Recovery.  

Tragically, on Saturday, April 3rd, while traveling by motorcycle with a friend through Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia, Ben suffered a motorcycle accident. A nail punctured his tire, blowing it, causing Ben's horrific crash and resulting in severe spinal injuries. 

Ben was airlifted to Cabell Hospital in Huntington, WV where he had stabilization surgery on his T2 and T3 vertebrae. Due to the severity of his injuries, it was determined that he should be transferred to Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, where he would receive more comprehensive care for his injuries. Currently, Ben has no feeling below his chest.  Ben will be transferred to the Shepherd Center, a top rehabilitation center for spinal cord injuries in Atlanta, Georgia for an 8 week stay very soon. Due to covid restrictions, only one parent is allowed to visit.  His mother, Pam, will be traveling down with him and staying with him at Shepard. 

Ben is a fighter and tenacious in reaching any goal he sets.  He has shown commitment to the military since he was in high school, where he joined the NJROTC.  He then pursued college and is now a proud graduate of Virginia Military Institute, class of 2017.  Ben committed to serve in the Army National Guard his sophomore year at VMI and was a commissioned officer upon graduation.  He was the Bravo Company Commander his senior year. Ben was set to be deployed with the Army on May 13, 2021.

Anyone acquainted with him knows that Ben has the will to achieve the best recovery possible.  Ben is capable of great strides and I know he will put everything into creating a life that is full and rich for himself and everyone around him.  From the bottom of our hearts, please join me in helping alleviate the tremendous costs that lie ahead for Ben and his family by contributing to Ben's Road to Recovery. 


Thank you so very much!

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